The Very Best Help for Your Health

The Very Best Help for Your Health

The Very Best Help for Your Health

Bruce Fraser

Dr Bruce Fraser

McTimoney Chiropractor

bruce1 08 (2)Who better to understand and treat the discomfort of back and joint pain than an ex-international athlete who himself had to give up his international sporting career through a back injury.

Bruce Fraser represented the United Kingdom as a top hammer thrower and won the Silver Medal for England in the Commonwealth Games. A back injury resulted in Bruce being in hospital on traction for 5 weeks and forced his retirement from international athletics. His interest in chiropractic began when, having tried many and varied therapies which failed to bring any relief to his back, he had his first chiropractic treatment. He was so impressed with the immediate and continued benefits, that he knew that, at some stage, his future career would be in this field. Having been a Physical Education Officer in the RAF he is now a Doctor of Chiropractic using the gentle McTimoney method.

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