What is McTimoney Chiropractor?

The ‘McTimoney ‘ method of Chiropractic involves the application of small, low velocity adjustments to the joints to relieve pressure on the nerves, which are causing the pain.  The Chiropractor’s work is not just carried out on the back, but on all the joints.  Cranial Therapy is also available as part of the treatment, which Continue reading »

Gift Vouchers

Why not give your mum something different we have gift vouchers for all therapies prices vary.  Phone o1432 279653 for more information.

New Facebook page!

Our Facebook page has moved – find our new page at https://www.facebook.com/Hereford-Centre-for-Natural-Health-297684413900364/ We look forward to your  visit; all new special offers will be posted on our new Facebook page

Bach Flower Remedies – Oak

A journey with English Oak     Juliet Ablett Have you ever looked at an Oak tree and noticed it flowering? Flowers? What are they like? I expect most of us will not be sure about this, and yet an Oak tree is one of our most familiar trees. An Oak? What do we think Continue reading »

What conditions can we treat?

We can treat a very wide range of conditions, with a range of therapies. Because different therapies suit different people, we offer advice where needed. Our therapists have treated people with fibromyalgia, IBS, food and environmental allergies, fertility problems, musculo-skeletal conditions, chronic pain, emotional problems, stress and many more conditions. Natural therapies are suitable for Continue reading »

27 years in Belmont!

A recent calculation showed that we have been running our successful clinic here in Belmont since 1989; that is 27 years! It would be great if we had records to show just how many people our practitioners have helped in that time, but sadly we don’t. At the very least that must be rather a Continue reading »

Fight or Flight? Cranio-sacral Therapy can help…..

Fight or Flight: Gentle help for stress related illness.   You’ve probably heard of the Fight or Flight response. When we’re stressed our body automatically reacts, ready to meet danger, and floods us with energy. If we can’t fight or flee the body will tremble or shake to release the unneeded energy. In a situation Continue reading »