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The Very Best Help for Your Health

The Very Best Help for Your Health

Yoga Therapy

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Yoga Therapy

Nicky Jaques Yoga Teacher and Therapist

One-to-one yoga sessions 

Yoga generally involves integrating movement, breathing and reflective, restorative practise to treat the whole system holistically and enhance physical stability well-being and peace of mind. I teach a style of yoga which emphasises the use of the breath as a means to guide movement, support good posture, ease pain or tension and create a steady, reflective, focussed practice. Yoga has many different applications. For example it can be relaxing, energising, strengthening or therapeutic.  I study, practise and teach the style of yoga widely referred to as Viniyoga. This approach is traditional, adaptable and accessible for everyone. The essence of this approach is that yoga should be tailored to meet our individual needs and interests in order to achieve long- lasting health benefits. Yoga therapy is a broad approach.

I specialise in working with people on an individual basis and a one-to-one yoga session can be used to develop a short 20-30 minute yoga practice tailored specifically to meets your needs, to use regularly at home. As our lifestyles, bodies and situations are constantly in flux, the nature of our yoga practice should change to ensure it is right for us. A one-to-one session can be a flexible way to maximise progress, enjoyment and understanding of yoga and equip you with the tools to practise yoga more regularly from the comfort of your own home. A one-to-one yoga session is tailored to support your current needs and to ensure you progress sensibly, safely and logically towards your longer term aims.

How a one-to-one yoga  therapy  session works

Initially an individual yoga lesson involves a consultation in which we start to figure out what aspects of yoga you are interested in, what you aim to achieve and how you feel yoga  can complement and add value to your lifestyle. Every session involves a review of your existing practice, feedback, discussion and reflection about what kind of practice is suitable for you at the moment and what time you have available to practise. Each session involves trying out a practice, making adjustments and modifications as necessary and a written practice is always provided at the end of the session to take away and use at home.

Length of session  60 minutes £30, 90 minutes £40

Availabilities Tuesday and Friday mornings. However, I have some flexibility on other days if you cannot make either of these slots, please get in touch and I will endeavour to find a time which suits.

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Stay safe, Stay well, Be kind.

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