The Very Best Help for Your Health

The Very Best Help for Your Health

The Very Best Help for Your Health


                     Complementary and Natural Therapies in Hereford, Herefordshire       

                                                       The very best help for your health!                                                                                                      

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Acupuncture, Allergy Testing, Alexander Technique,, Bowen Technique, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Craniosacral Therapy,Crystal Therapy,, Heart Field Healing, Homeopathy,  Chiropractic (McTimoney), Indian Head Massage and Sports Massage, Nutrition, Osteopathy, Pain Relief Therapy, Physiotherapy, Reiki, Healing-Shiatsu,Sports Massage ,Tui Na and Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbs, Virtual Gastric Band Therapy, Yoga Therapy






SPORTS MASSAGE WITH TANITH VAUGHANTanith Vaughan Sports Massage ana Holistic Massage

Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

Shoulder Specific conditions

Other General Muscular Complaints, Strains and Soft Tissue Injuries

                                                                                                          APPOINTMENTS 30mins £25.00 1hr £45.00






CHRISTOPHER SHEEHAN                                                       


 What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing art, dating back thousands of years to the beginning of Acupuncture.  Shiatsu uses touch and finger pressure to work on meridian lines or vital energy lines in the body.  By drawing energy to places most in need and dispersing energy from where it is most congested, Shiatsu re-balances and brings health, vitality and stamina to the whole being on the physical, emotional and mental levels.  An imbalance in a person’s vital energy may manifest itself as a back problem, a headache, and a mental depression or in many other ways.

Although Shiatsu is ideally a preventive form of healing, it is also excellent for working with all chronic and stress related conditions.

What is Healing-Shiatsu ?

Healing-Shiatsu is non-invasive form of healing that supports and prepares the person in returning to and maintaining a state of full health and happiness.

My healing is inspired by stillness, loving kindness and present moment awareness.  Along with gentle and supportive holding and touch I apply the positive intention of qualities within the meridians and the five elements to enable the client to be fully met.  Blocks and restrictions, whether in the body or the mind, can then soften and open.  Pains and discomfort lessen or disappear and attitudes can change.

The gentle and spacious quality of a Healing-Shiatsu session allows the client to experience a deep sense of peace, comfort and ease.

The client is empowered to little by little take full responsibility for their health and wellbeing.  The client realises that they have the full power within themselves to realise their potential and to be well and happy.


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Crystal Therapy is a vibrational therapy harnessing the power of crystals for the purposes of healing.  It is a holistic therapy, meaning it treats the whole person -mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.




Hereford’s longest established Centre for Complementary Therapies (Registered Charity no. 516988) has a great deal of experience to draw upon. All of our therapists are highly qualified and experienced and offer an excellent level of care. We have a friendly and welcoming clinic in Belmont, Hereford, with trained Reception staff able to offer advice where needed. With 15 different natural therapies available, we can treat a wide range of physical and emotional conditions, ailments and allergies. Free advice from our friendly Reception staff can help you to select the treatment you need.

How can complementary therapies help?

Our therapies work to address the causes of ill health. This is a different perspective from conventional medicine where the visible symptoms are addressed, often with drugs, but the root of the problem may remain.

The results of complementary therapies are often excellent, and can offer a solution where conventional medicine has been unable to bring about a good result – and all of this without the need for prescription drugs or unwanted side-effects.

Natural Health is just that. Our complementary therapies work on the basis of tried and tested systems for helping the body (or mind) to heal itself naturally, whether this is stimulating the immune system, identifying acquired allergies, or giving massage or manipulation for aches, pains and other underlying conditions.

Contact us for advice

Our Receptionists have a very good knowledge of the therapies we offer and can usually assist in selecting a suitable form of treatment. We are also able to put you in touch with an individual therapist to help you decide if a particular therapy is suitable for you

Tel: 01432 279653

Ultrasound Scans

Together with Ultrasound Direct, Hereford Centre for Natural Health are providing private Ultrasound scans for pregnancy, and women and men’s health.

Book a private Ultrasound scan now at Hereford Centre for Natural Health using our real time booking system featured on the left side of this page.

Our private ultrasound’s are only for women and men of at least 16 years of age at the time of booking, and include a rescan option, if in our healthcare professionals opinion, we are not able to complete the primary purpose of the scan the same day.