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We can treat a wide range of conditions, including;

Musculo-skeletal problems including joint pain, back ache, stiffness and arthritis.

Emotional problems such as stress, depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties, Fertility problems both male and female, fibromyalgia and IBS, hormonal disorders, nutrition and food allergies, asthma and breathing difficulties, chronic pain, eczema and other allergic conditions, excess weight.

Please do ask if we can help with any other specific ailments. Complementary Therapies can help in many ways:

Put your body back into good shape, improve your healthm provide drug – free pain relief, offer safe treatments during pregnancy, help maintain good health, promote relaxation, offer an alternative to prescription drugs.

An important aspect of our complementary therapies is that no prescription drugs are used. This means that clients experience very few side effects. Many of our therapists are happy to work alongside conventional medicine where appropriate. Clients often come to us because they want to avoid medical intervention or wish to take responsibility for their own health.




A hidden Gem! Thank you to Hereford centre for natural health. I was beginning to give up with various health issues I have had but now I can begin to look forward.

Can not recommend the centre more. Thank you - Stephanie S

Look no further than this place! Relaxing, professional atmosphere. Catering for so much. - Kelly H

Lovely staff! Very welcoming ....I had my first acupuncture session with Diana pullen today.

Amazing treatment - Samantha H

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