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About Us


Hereford Centre for Natural Health is a registered charity, and has been in existence since  1982 – it is in fact Hereford’s longest established Centre for Complimentary Therapies.  Through fund raising we moved from Bridge Street in the 1990s to our purpose built building at Belmont there are 5 therapy rooms a small office and a spacious reception area.

As a registered charity , we aim to make information about alternative approaches to health freely  available – via our website, social media, to callers-by and at our outside events we attend.

This enables the general public to make informed choices about their healthcare.  The charity also exists to provide a place for therapists to work from.

Charity Work

Our charitable aims are to  provide free information to the public about Natural Therapies through our website, by offering advice to people who call in at the Centre, and at public events where we can be present to talk to people who are interested in what we do. We hope to offer the benefit of our experience to anyone who needs this, and to enable them to make informed choices about healthcare.

We try to subsidise treatments for people who are most in need. Requests for subsidised treatments are considered on an individual basis, as our funds are limited.

Join our team

We do occasionally have a vacancy for a therapist in a particular discipline, which will be posted on our website. Becoming one of our team of therapists means that you will have your own page on our website and be included in the list of therapists we recommend to people who enquire, as well as being publicised at our clinic. We do try not to duplicate therapies but do recognise that sometimes there may be some overlap between therapists. Our goal is always to select highly qualified and experienced therapists who will give the best possible service to clients.

Rent room space

It is also possible to simply rent a room from us, subject to approval; this package does not include any publicity and may be more appropriate if your therapy overlaps with an existing therapy here. If renting a room, it is up to you to find clients and arrange bookings with us.

All of our rooms have been recently decorated and are bright, fresh and welcoming.

We have two upstairs treatment rooms and two downstairs treatment rooms. Every room has an adjustable couch and is provided with towels, fresh water and couch roll. A CD player is available.

We have plenty of free parking just outside the clinic.

If you would like to find out more about the possibility of joining us, please email or phone 01432 279653.

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