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Massage Therapy

Martina Mula


Massage Therapy


I trained at Bristol College for Massage and Bodywork (BCMB) gaining a LEVEL 4 massage qualification.

I’m an accredited member of MTI (Massage Training Institute), a non-profit organization that since 1988 contributes to support the learning process and the professional development of therapists to a high quality standard.

I’m also a registered therapist with the CNHC, a professional body for complementary therapists directly linked to the UK Government.

Back in Italy I also achieved a BSc (Hons) in Traditional Herbal Medicine.

I have always been passionate about Nature, Health and Well-Being and how carrying out simple daily steps in our body and mind can help us towards a more fulfilling and  joyful existence.

I believe that mind and body are closely connected to each other and with the support of a professional therapist anyone can feel better and improve outcomes both physical (relaxing tight muscles, ease pain, improve circulation and mobility) and mental (reducing anxiety and stress).

My massage style is unique and tailored to your necessities. I don’t work with a routine but I prefer a more intuitive way, using different techniques according to the specific situations, supported by a rich knowledge in terms of body anatomy and physiology. I like to create with each of  my clients a safe, non judgmental space where people are free to be themselves the way they are and whatever they are feeling in that moment.

I like to promote the ability of each person to feel present during the massage and observe the changes that it brings to you.

phone:  +447951736876


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