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Massage Therapy

Sharon Freeland

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is a vibrational therapy, harnessing the power of crystals for the purposes of healing.  It is a holistic therapy, meaning it treats the whole person-mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

What can I expect from a session?

You will be asked about your current and past health and if there is anything you would like to address in the session.  You will be asked to lie down and relax, there will be music playing to aid you to a more relaxed brain-wave state, possibly with some guided visualisation to help ‘switch off’ from day-to-day thoughts.

Crystals will be placed on and around you and I will use healing techniques.  Peoples’ experiences from the treatment vary from a sense of calm to a release of pent up emotions.  As you relax into alpha, theta and delta brainwaves your subconscious may convey a deeper understanding to you.

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