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Heart Field Healing

Julie Goodridge MSc.


Julie has worked with energy since 2001. Her own journey with it has been life changing and she works as a Healer, with an energetic field now familiar to science.  Our physical hearts have an energetic field and it is this that Julie works with.

Our body is held in a web of energy which connects with it at the seven main chakra points that span the length of the spine.  Our energetic systems are complex dynamic’ structures’.  In Julie’s experience the more fluid the energy system is, the more balanced and happy we are and the less physical pain we have.

Every single experience impacts our energetic systems,  negatively or positively.  Trauma of any description will cause distortions and blockages, which in turn can be expressed as physical pain, negative (often destructive), repetitive behaviour patterns and a general sense of things not being in balance.  As we are constantly hearing, balance in life is becoming increasingly important as more pressures, perceived or otherwise fall upon us.

A session with Julie follows a seemingly simple format with the client lying on a therapy couch, an energetic space being set up and the seven chakras being worked on energetically by Julie.  It is typically deeply relaxing and takes an hour to an hour and a half.

Most clients come to see Julie as it ‘feels’ the right thing to do, they have a gut feeling. Who can benefit from this?  Anyone, and the effects are best explained by client testimonials which can be found on



“I have felt a real difference since having healing from Julie.  The issues I presented feel calmed and soothed and, as a result, I feel much more peaceful and content within myself, more whole and lighter in being. I would definitely recommend”

SB, London

"Thank you so much for the session this morning.  I found it really powerful and I think it’s given me more clarity, awareness and calmness.  I saw both lots of internal and external images of things, as well as the colours and whole range of feelings, it felt like a real journey.

Warm wishes"

David, Hereford

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